Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

868 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

What is the age requirement? 

21 and up with valid I.D.

Is there a drink minimum?

We have a 2 drink purchase minimum to help support the comedians and staff.

Is there food?

Yes. Check out the menu!

My printer is broken, can I show you the ticket on my phone?


My phone and printer are broken. What now?

If you’ve purchased or claimed tickets through our Eventbrite, your name will be on the guest list at the door. Please contact us in advance if so though.

How many comedians are on the line-up?

The lineup usually consists of two main acts (the Headliner and the Host) who have TV and touring credits, as well as 2-4 special guests and house regulars. It is not uncommon for a celebrity comedian to drop in.

I’m a comedian and I want to get booked.

Great, send us a press kit via email, please make it as professional as you are – the show has become very popular and we get overwhelmed with offers to perform. Please do not call the phone number.

Do you haven an open mic?

We do not. If you are looking for an open mic do a google search. These are professional booked comedy showcases. Good luck!

Comedy Club Etiquette

Cell phones, BlackBerry devices: Turn them off or set them to vibrate. Never take a phone call during the show. If it can’t wait, find a place away from the show to take the call.

No Video! Comedy is one of the few art forms where you must work on your craft in front of others. The same away an artist would not want a song that wasn’t finished leaked, a comedian would not want his or her work out without consent.

Bluetooth Headsets: Turn them off. The blinking blue light is obnoxious.

No Flash Photography: It distracts and disorients everyone.

Do Not Heckle the Comedians: Heckling is interrupting the performance to upstage, disparage, or throw off the comedian. It is never acceptable, and the quickest way to ruin the show for everyone. It is also the quickest way to be humiliated in front of everyone.

Do Not Interrupt the Comedian: The common excuse for this is “I’m helping the comedian.” Comedians are professionals, they do not need help. That “help” just derails the show and wastes everyone’s time, same as heckling. Exception: If a comedian directly engages you in conversation, you are a-ok to respond. Some of the best comedy happens this way, and can make for a memorable experience. Be ready to let it go when the bit is over.

No Recording the Show: Same as a band, recording a stand-up routine violates the comic’s copyright on his material. Worse yet, a less-than-stellar performance some jerk puts up on the web can hurt the comic’s career. The infamous Michael Richards video is an extreme (justified in this rare case) example of footage released by a third party that ruins the performer’s career.

PDA – Keep it Tasteful: A comedy club is not the place for messy make-outs.

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